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Noveto Technology

The immersive listening experience.

sound beaming hero

There are few tools we have at our disposal more important than listening. It keeps us connected to the world around us, enabling us to communicate in a way that none of our other senses can do. Whether listening to music, movies, playing games, or chatting with the people you care about, listening inspires, excites and connects like nothing else.

Most believe there are only two ways to listen to sound. 1) Out loud and publicly via speakers; 2) Quietly and privately wearing headphones.


At Noveto, we developed proprietary i3DS™ audio technology, a third way of listening. i3DS™ beams sounds just outside your ears creating a personal 3D sensory listening experience without disturbing others - no speakers or headphones.

Noveto i3DS™

Sounds are projected directly for only one person to hear

beamer speaker

Active Loudspeaker

Sounds are played in all directions for all to hear

conventional speaker

The magic of i3DS™

Noveto Sensors Camera
3D Binaural and Spatial Sound

i3DS™ use ultrasounds to silently beam two pockets of sounds outside a user’s ears to create an immersive 3D spatial and binaural audio experience

Noveto Transducer Board
Sound Focused on One Person

i3DS™ uses an AI-based 3D sensor to focus 3D audio on one user at a time. Those nearby are muted from the Noveto i3DS™, or hear a fraction of the sound

Noveto D1 Chip
Built In Intelligence

The AI-based voice, facial and gesture recognition, as well as ambient sound monitoring, enables a very natural and intuitive interaction. This could be a cornerstone for the new generation of smart home apps and services

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