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We are passionate about delivering a more natural and immersive audio experience without headphones.

Noveto is disturbing the advertisement industry with more personalised audio messaging. We plan to transform smart living at home and in the office through a ground-breaking intuitive interface and advanced audio technologies. We believe this will change the way the world experiences sound through interaction with our smart devices.

Noveto has created a new audio technology capable of beaming sound directly outside your ears creating an immersive personal audio experience.

/ 'novetos/ (Latin word for "innovations")

About Noveto


Christophe Ramstein
Dr. Christophe Ramstein


Christophe brings over 20 years of international experience in business, corporate, IP, products and licensing development.

Christophe fulfilled many senior/executive management positions. This includes VP Engineering at Logitech, CTO at Immersion (NASDAQ). He also has been instrumental in several start ups, such as Haptech, Novasentis and Myotest.

Christophe holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Polytechnic Institute in France.


Christophe joined Noveto as the CEO 2 years ago.

Gil Lev
Gil Lev


Gil brings over 20 years of experience in business and legal practice.

Gil’s experience spans from business administration (tech, cyber, sports) to corporate and commercial Law to M&As, and IP.

He holds an LLB (Law) and a MBA.


Gil is acting as the CBO of Noveto for over 4 years.

Stefan Paychère
Stefan Paychère

VP Engineering

Stefan has over 20 years of experience leading teams to develop and deliver software products and solutions, from firmware to cloud computing. Stefan has led many technical teams at companies like VMWare, startups Dunes and Myotest, and Logitech. 


Stefan holds a Master MSEE in Electrical Engineering from EPFL in Switzerland. 


Stefan is leading the engineering team at Noveto for over a year.

Tomer Shani
Tomer Shani


Tomer is the original co-founder of Noveto in 2014 and has held various leading roles in the company. 


Tomer brings over 10 years of experience as VP Operations at ITL Optronics, a defense company operating in the field of multi-disciplinary high-end electro-optic devices. 


Tomer holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Directors & Advisors

Jordan Lipton


Jordan brings 15 years of experience in Capital Markets, Private Debt, M&A and business development.

He fulfilled major executive positions at various investment firms in Hong Kong and Canada.


Jordan holds a BA from Huron University, a Graduate Entry LLB from City, University of London and an MBA from European Business School and Korea University.

Barry R. Shiff


Barry brings over 20 years of experience in venture capital. He is co-founder of Symetrix Corp, a Canadian VC firm, which is an early stage investor in high tech companies, such as the first HTML editor company, SoftQuad.

Barry holds a Master of Engineering in HMI from University of Toronto. Barry and his wife Aleta were one of the first investors in Noveto.


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