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OEM Licensing

Our headphone-free 3D audio technology is integrated into other products by licensing to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Manufacturers of A/V products will have the opportunity to integrate Noveto’s audio drivers. Noveto's technology could be used in speakers, visual displays, sound bars, or any display that could benefit from a personal 3D audio messaging that offers a highly reduced noise pollution to others.


source code example

Software development kit (SDK) and cloud API for customer applications

Noveto D1 Chip
Noveto Chipset

New generation of control algorithms on one chip to control ultrasonic transducers*

Noveto Transducer Board
Generate the Ultrasounds

Array of ultrasonic transducers

Noveto Sensors Camera
3D Smart Sensor

Utilizes 3D camera(s) and AI software to analyze images and locate users and their ears

*transducer: a device that converts variations in a physical quantity, such as pressure,  into an electrical signal, or vice versa.

The Reference Design 

Noveto has developed a reference design of its 3D audio technology that will be made available to its partners.


The N1 is a hardware desktop device that implements i3DS™ hardware and software audio components. The N1 comes with documentation and engineering support to help understand and integrate into OEM’s products and how to customise it.


The N1 will also be made available for white labeling.



Dimensions (WxHxP):

3170 x 900 x 660 mm (125 x 35 x 26'')

Audio channels:

2, 3D, binaural

Audio actuators:


Power supply:

switched mode, 110 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz, 65W


842g (1.85pounds), without power supply

Camera FOV:

+/- 40°

Operation FOV:

+/- 35°

Sound Beaming SDK

Audio SPL:

85dB +/- 5dB

Operating distance:

up to 2m (6.6 ft)

Frequency response:

80dB +/-6dB from 750Hz to 20kHz

Attenuation on the listener side:

-20dB SPL at one meter

Attenuation behind the listener:

-15dB SPL at one meter

Audio input:

24 bit LPCM @ 48kHz

Tracking control output:

variable (on demand), 2 - 30fps

Tracking input:

ears position data @ 2 - 30fps

binaural icon
Binaural Audio

Two pockets of sound are beamformed outside the ears. This creates a first of its kind audio experience.

Built in intelligence icon
Built-in Intelligence

With built-in face, gesture and sound recognition, our AI technology enables a very natural and intuitive multimodal interaction. This could be a cornerstone for the new generation of smart home apps and services.

no headphone icon
No headphones

Natural immersive 3D audio experience using a single desktop device without the need for headphones. Truly a new way of listening.

Private audio icon
Private Audio

Smart beaming will focus audio on you while others around you only hear a whisper.


Licensing Inquires

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