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World's first headphone-free 3D sound.

About Noveto

At Noveto we've invented i3DS™ - a single device audio technology that beams the source of sounds in space - to recreate the listening experience of headphones without having to wear headphones: to users that are close, you create a 3D spatial audio experience without having to wear any hardware and with minimal sound pollution to people nearby; far away you grab someone’s attention with personal sounds that other people around can’t hear.


Noveto spent 6 years developing the technology and IP, went through the design of manufacturing process with Foxconn to mature the product and taped-out its control chipset. Having completed these crucial R&D and engineering tasks Noveto is now ready to work with OEMs and other partners to license the technology and bring the technology to market.

Use Cases

Noveto audio technology enables an enjoyable 3D audio experience without having to wear headphones, and with minimum sound pollution to people nearby when listening to music, movies, playing games, or video-conferencing. Advertisement companies have the ability to grab passerby’s attention and personalise the message focusing on one person at a time.

Digital Signage

In a waiting line at a drugstore, the Noveto speaker will deliver audio advertisement or information to one person at a time without disturbing others around; in a mall or at the  airport, the Noveto speaker  will grab passerby attention one at a time with personalised audio messages, while reducing the overall annoying noise pollution.

visual displays are slient
Home Fitness

Imagine using your treadmill, exercise bike or home-trainer and hearing the onscreen audio or your favourite fitness instructor or playlist free from uncomfortable, sweaty headphones that keep falling off and annoying, tangled wires.'

home fitness
Entertainment and Mindfulness

The Noveto speaker enhances your favourite podcast and/or meditation app, providing a more immersive and sensory experience without uncomfortable headphones and tangled wires. With the Noveto speaker you can enjoy audio from your chosen playlist or follow step by step recipes with your favourite chef vlog without being cut off from what is happening around you.

Smart Living at Home and Office

Working in an open-office environment or at home? Pair the Noveto speaker with your computer or tablet and enjoy personal immersive video and audio calls without the need to wear any physical device that cuts you off from the world. Our technology is able to reduce audio pollution by up to 90%.

home office

Noveto Technology

Since the invention of headphones, there has never been a new way to listen to and experience audio.

i3DS™ by Noveto: a new audio technology which beams the source of sound waves in space. For people nearby, it beams two pockets of sound just outside of this person ears to create a 3D immersive and personalised listening experience - without headphones. For people further away, it will beam a personal audio message just to this one person with minimum sound pollution to people around.


OEM Licensing

Noveto headphone-free 3D audio technology is now offered for licensing to OEMs  to be integrated into their products.


Manufacturers of A/V products will have the opportunity to integrate Noveto’s audio drivers in their own speakers, visual displays, sound bars and any display that could benefit from a personal 3D audio messaging with a highly reduced noise pollution to others.

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